Nets GM: Nets not interested in Pierce to Clippers trade

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There has been a lot of speculation lately as to where Paul Pierce will end up, as the Brooklyn Nets have watched everyone and their mother take off for greener pastures. The latest rumor was that the Nets were involved in trade talks with the LA Clippers to ship Paul Pierce out west to reunite him with his former head coach, Doc Rivers. Now, Nets GM Billy King is saying not so fast.

Speaking in a radio interview Thursday, King said reports of a sign-and-trade between the Nets and Clippers for Pierce’s services were a bit premature, and said the Nets were still negotiating with Pierce and his representation to bring him back to Brooklyn for another season.

“They made a call and inquired,” King said, “but there’s nothing at this point that makes sense for us.”

King went on to say that both the Nets and Pierce’s camp have salary figures in mind, but that the Nets are trying to be more responsible in their spending after spending over $100 Million on payroll last year and more than $190 Million on combined payroll and luxury tax commitments.

“I think we’re in the process,” King said. “We know the number we want to get to, I think they know the number they want to get to. We’re just trying to get to the point where we’re all comfortable and I know what we’re trying to accomplish, and it’s just in the negotiation process. That’s all it is.

“We have the ability to pay him more than everybody else, but we are going to be a little bit more financially responsible at this point in time.”

Pierce is probably getting towards the end of his career and is looking for one last big payday and maybe one more ring before he rides off into the sunset. Whether the Nets are willing to pay him handsomely at 36 years old is another story.

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