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New York City Street Named After Mariano Rivera

  • Dave Ragazzo

Mariano Rivera is a legend.  No doubt about that.  He is an icon that will forever be remembered by one of the most storied franchises in all of baseball, and he was honored by every stadium he went to this year during his going away tour.

So what can you give a guy that already has everything?  How about naming a New York City Street after him?

At East 4th Street and Broadway, a street has been renamed for the greatest closer of all time.  This picture was tweeted by Adam Rubin of ESPN, who normally covers the Mets, but could not pass up the opportunity to share this with his 44,000 followers.

Not much else has been brought to light about the street like if this is a permanent change or just something done temporary.  One thing is for sure:  this is the icing on the cake for The Sandman, who was treated unlike any other player in his final season.  All he needs to do now is buy a house on the street, so he can sit in his broken bat rocking chair and retire a happy man.

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