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NFL Sources: Byrd, Agent Trying to Orchestrate Trade

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According to, Bills’ star safety Jairus Byrd and his agent, Eugene Parker, have been trying to orchestrate a trade with multiple teams, per two sources within the NFL.

This is not a surprise to anyone, considering how negotiations went between the Bills and Byrd earlier in the year. During Byrd’s press conference two weeks ago, after the team announced his return to the team, Byrd seemed to be less than happy to be back in Buffalo. he wasn’t very forthcoming with the media and mostly gave non-specific answers.

Nevertheless, the sources who told The Buffalo News were an executive on another NFL club and another agent who is not employed by Byrd. This lends credibility to the rumors of an uncomfortable situation that exists between the Bills and their Pro Bowl safety.

If Byrd and his agent want to get a trade done, they have until October 29th, the eighth week of the regular season. How quickly a  trade happens will surely show how uncomfortable the situation between the team and Byrd really us.

Any team interested in Byrd would have to want to both give him a big new contract and give the Bills an acceptable offer, more than likely a 1st or second round draft pick. One factor that might both hinder and help Byrd is injuries. A team that loses a safety early in the year to a season ending injury might be more inclined to pitch for Byrd. However, Byrd is fighting an injury at the moment as well.

Head coach Doug Marrone announced this week that Byrd is dealing with plantar fasciitis in his foot. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the connective tissue on the sole of the foot. It is caused by straining the ligament that supports the arch of the foot. Repeated strain can cause tiny tears in the ligament, leading to pain and swelling.

The only way for plantar fasciitis to heal is a combination of rest, icing and stretching. Because of this injury this will make Byrd a day-to-day issue for the Bills. Doug Marrone said Monday:

“It’s really a condition. Each guy is different in how they come back from it. Right now he’s working extremely hard to get back from it. That’s more of a day-to-day issue right now.”

Marrone said Wednesday Byrd has a chance to be play Sunday’s opener against the New England Patriots.

“Yes. He’s working extremely hard to get back, really working hard on the game plan. I feel very comfortable with his knowledge, and he’s out there doing things with us. It’s just a matter of one day I think he’s going to wake up and say, ‘Hey, I feel great, let’s go.’ ”

Byrd is guaranteed a salary of $6.9 million this season, which is the value of the NFL’s franchise tag for his position. That makes him the eighth highest paid safety this season.

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