NuVo Sends New York Jets Players Condoms After Big Win

  • Dave Ragazzo

After a nice win over the New England Patriots on Sunday, the New York Jets players deserve to take a load off.  Especially after head coach Rex Ryan forbid his players from having sex with their wives last week in preparation for the big game.

There should be no such ban this week, and one manufacturer of a particular latex product is making sure that Ryan avoids the same strategical tactic.  NuVo, a New York based condom company, has sent the Jets players a variety of condoms of “different shapes and sizes” to help the sex-deprived team “reconnect” with their significant others.

Essentially, they want the Jets to “go nuts;” and that might be exactly what they are going to do.

NuVo released a statement to detail their generosity that was recounted by the New York Daily News:

“The Jets definitely benefited from being good little boys in the bedroom and were able to outlast the New England Patsies in overtime,” the double entendre-laden press release reads. Rex Ryan advised his players to refrain from hanky panky in the week leading up to Sunday’s game, though his message was interpreted in a variety of ways by his players.  We know that this week will be a very busy one for Jets players as they have to reconnect with their significant others.”

One thing is for sure; if the lack of sex helped the Jets this week, next week could be a tough one.  They travel to Cincinnati on Sunday and hopefully they will have their legs underneath them.  They’re going to need them to keep up with the 5-2 Bengals.

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