Odell Beckham’s Fiancée Speaks About Their Bizarre Relationship

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This may not have been the way Odell Beckham wanted to grab his first bit of publicity since being drafted by the New York Giants.

An unflattering story has come out via Beckham’s fiancée, Erica Mendez, that details some rather questionable behavior that Beckham has displayed during their three-year romance.

The story mentions that Beckham had fathered a child with another woman before his junior year at LSU and that more recently she walked in on him at his parents’ home with two strippers in his company.

This relationship appears to be very toxic and it actually may have caused Mendez’s miscarriage of Beckham’s child in 2013 due to the constant rumors of Beckham’s cheating on Mendez.

Despite all the mishaps in their tumultuous relationship, Mendez stuck with Beckham and the two appear set to get married in the near future.

A story this candid from Mendez has revealed some rather unsavory things about Beckham. Playing football and living under the media’s microscope in a city like New York City will be a difficult task.

The Giants cannot be too happy with this story coming out in a very public manner and their first-round draft pick will need to show that he is the changed man Mendez believes him to be now or he may fall victim to the heavy media scrutiny as many New York athletes before him have.

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