Phil Jackson Blasts the Knicks

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Following the Knicks’ woeful performance on Tuesday night versus the Lakers, Phil Jackson wasted no time in ripping apart his new team.

Recently appointed as the President of Basketball Operations, the Knicks decided that  Phil Jackson was the man that could eventually turn the franchise around. It’s also safe to say that Jackson is a relatively blunt man who isn’t afraid to speak the truth.

“It was awful, huh” Jackson said, per Billy Witz of the NY Times.

It was awful to say the least. The loss to the Lakers who sport a roster full of rookies, former D Leaguers and NBA journeymen, was the ultimate summation to the Knicks’ dreadful season.

This was the worst performance the Knicks could have possibly had coming off of a loss to the Cavaliers on Sunday in which they blew a large 4th quarter lead.

The obvious reason behind the Knicks’ struggles is their talent gap. Outside of Carmelo Anthony and a few role players, the Knicks simply don’t match up with the rest of the league.

Jackson emphasized this point after the loss to the Lakers stating that “we’re in a talent hunt, we have to bring in talent.”

Who better to look for talent and put it all together than Phil Jackson. The man has only won 11 NBA titles as a coach.

But first, before he searches for that talent. Jackson said he’d “walk the dog.”

You and me both Mr. Jackson. At least we both agree that walking our dogs is more entertaining than watching the Knicks.

Story via Bleacher Report.
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