Phil Jackson shows sense of humor with Pau Gasol tweet

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New Knicks president Phil Jackson has had a busy off season so far with the recruitment of Carmelo Anthony.  Despite making it seem like all the eggs were in the Melo basket, he had his eyes on other targets as well and cleverly showed his disappointment after missing out on one this weekend.

Pau Gasol played under Phil in Los Angeles and Jackson was targeting his former big man for next season.  When Gasol announced that he would be signing with the Chicago Bulls, Jackson posted this picture on his seldom used Twitter account.

Now that Melo is officially returning to the Knicks, Jackson has the task of putting the rest of the roster together to get Anthony the championship that would define his legacy as one of the game’s premiere players.  That task will certainly be a challenge but Gasol would have been a welcome addition for Anthony.

Gasol just turned 34 last week, but the 13-year veteran can still contribute at a high level.  Last year, Gasol averaged 17.4 points and 9.7 rebounds for an abysmal Lakers team that was missing Kobe Bryant for most of the season.

Gasol would have helped the Knicks who are weak in their front court after trading away Tyson Chandler.  Gasol would be big on the glass and defensively as he averaged 1.5 blocks per game last season.

Let us also not forget that Gasol played under Jackson for four seasons and is familiar with Jackson’s triangle offnese.

So Jackson may have been a little upset when Gasol signed with the Bulls, but at least he had a sense of humor about it.  Who knows, maybe Jackson has super powers and actually made lightning strike in the city after hearing the announcement.  They do call him the Zen Master after all.

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