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PHOTO: One fan’s ultimate tribute to Derek Jeter

  • Dave Ragazzo


So far this year, we have seen a lot of creative gifts given to Derek Jeter as he makes his final tour around major league stadiums.  From the boots and cowboy hat given to him by the Astros in April to the “Re2pect” Air Jordan commercial that went viral in hours, Jeter has been shown a proper exit tour before he retires.

Who would have thought a fan would have the best tribute of all for the Captain.

Von Thunn’s Country Farm in Monmouth Junction, NJ went to their five-acre corn field to show the ultimate respect for Jeter.  They carved a “Derek Jeter” maze that they will be using for their annual corn maze contest.  The entire maze is carved throughout the five-acre lot and shows Jeter’s face with a farewell message.

According to, the corn maze will be up through October.  There was no indication of when the maze competition will take place.

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