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PHOTO: White Sox Give Derek Jeter Farewell Bench

  • Frank Santos

A cool sub-plot that has become popular on Yankees legendary shortstop Derek Jeter’s farewell tour during his last season in pinstripes has been all the cool gifts he’s gotten on the road. Each team has made a conscious effort to acknowledge Jeter’s final stop at their park when the Yankees hit the road. The Chicago Cubs gave Jeter a #2 from the scoreboard, but their cross-town rival White Sox decided to get a little more creative, and put their arts and crafts team to work.

As the Yankees and White Sox closed a three-game series today, resulting in a Yankees 7-1 victory, due in part to Jeter’s 4-5 effort on the day,  the White Sox presented him with this bench. It looks cool!… but not very comfortable.

The White Sox also donated $5,000 to Jeter’s Turn 2 foundation, and presented him with dirt from the shortstop area of Comiskey Park.

If Jeter has a sudden change of heart about retirement, his assistant may be mailing back A LOT of stuff…

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