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Piazza/Clemens world series bat shard up for auction

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One of the most memorable world series’ in recent memory was a subway series between the New York Mets and their cross-town rival New York Yankees in 2000. Within that memorable series came the infamous tussle between Mets catcher Mike Piazza and Yanks pitcher Roger Clemens.

During a July 2000 regular season game, Clemens hit Piazza in the head with a fastball. Fans wondered when the retaliation would come. The face-off between the two would come on the grandest stage of them all, game 2 of the World Series. During the at-bat, Piazza fouled off a pitch and broke his bat. To this day, no one is entirely sure of Clemens’ motivations when he picked up a piece of the bat and threw it in Piazza’s direction. He claimed he was thought it was the ball and was simply trying to field an infield ground ball. Fans thought otherwise of the serial head-hunter who had previous encounters with Piazza.

Now, that piece of the bat is up for auction. Dallas-based Heritage Auctions is selling a shard of the broken bat and it is co-signed by former Yankees strength and conditioning coach Jeff Mangold (1984-1988, 1998-2006).

“I’ve had this for 13 years,” Mangold said. “It was just sitting in my office and very few people knew about it. But I think this is an article of sports memorabilia that has some substance to it.”

Bidding will culminate in a live auction in New York on February 22nd and the auction house predicts that bids could top $10,000.


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