Raymond Felton Drops 15 Pounds, Wants to Push Tempo

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If there’s one thing Knicks fans have to love about Raymond Felton, it’s the fact that he will tell you how it is.  Last season, he told “certain people” in Portland not to come near him when the Knicks visited his former team.  Yesterday, he told ESPN New York that people were overlooking his team and shot down predictions that the team will finish fifth in the east.

And today, everyone has a better understanding as to why Felton is confident with his Knicks this year.  Apparently Felton “loves” the changes that his team has made this offseason, and has now lost 15 pounds in hope the team can execute more fast breaks this year.

Felton says he’s ready to go this season and exuded that same confidence that was reported yesterday

“I was quick before, but if you take off 15 pounds, you can be that much quicker,” Felton said to ESPN New York’s Ian Begley.  “I’ll push it right down the court…if I don’t have anything, I know I got him [new Knick Andrea Bargnani].”

Weight has been an issue for Felton throughout his career.  In his one year with Portland, Felton was constantly criticized for being out of shape.  Even last year, Felton acknowledged that he was not “physically prepared.”

If Felton is ready to run, it can open up three point opportunities for newcomers Bargnani and Metta World Peace, as well as returning players such as Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith.  Last year, the Knicks averaged 28.9 three pointers per game, tied for the league lead with Houston.

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