Raymond Felton says he doesn’t need help guarding Derrick Rose

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Raymond Felton says he doesn’t need help guarding Derrick Rose

Raymond Felton in a feisty tone, boldly stated, that he doesn’t need any help defending Derrick Rose. Felton is a warrior, but may end up regretting those words as the New York Knicks travel to Chicago to take on their long time nemesis. Rose is no joke, and nobody can check the explosive guard without help – well, maybe LeBron James.

Felton, who has a lingering hamstring issue, will try to fight through it to slow down Rose. But not just Felton will have to worry about staying in front of Rose. Iman Shumpert, who according to Marc Berman of the NY Post was high school rivals with Rose, will also have to keep the former MVP in check.

But the headlining news came from the bulldog known as Raymond Felton. The stocky guard claims he does not need help guarding Rose. Felton seems to be speaking with his heart and not his head, as everyone in the NBA knowns how lethal D-Rose is and is nearly impossible to guard one-on-one.

Via NY Post/Marc Berman:

Felton took offense when asked if he may need help with Rose.

“He puts his clothes on just like I put mine on,’’ Felton said. “I’m looking forward to the game. I‘m not handicapped. I don’t need no help.’’

Felton should probably put his ego aside and not try to take on D-Rose. It will take a team effort to slow Rose down and with Felton suffering from a bad hamstring, it wouldn’t be smart for him to try to take on the explosive guard. The game starts at 8:00 PM on TNT tonight, so we should get our answer soon enough!

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