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Red Bull Can Features Nets Point Guard Deron Williams

  • Dave Ragazzo

Athlete’s have appeared on Wheaties box’s for years.  From Bruce Jenner to Michael Jordan, historic athletes have found their way on the box and it has been seen as an achievement for their athletic accomplishments.  But has any athlete ever graced a can of Red Bull before?

No one has until now.

On Thursday night, a picture of a Red Bull can with Nets point guard Deron Williams surfaced that will sure be the craze for all Brooklynites who drink the popular energy drink.  It is unclear on how long these will be sold or when the general public will be able to purchase them, but they will surely be collector’s items in no time.

Red Bull has sponsored many athletes before, but most of them participate in extreme sports.  From wild man Travis Pastrana to skier Lindsay Vonn, Red Bull has shown that they are willing to sponsor big name athletes to sell their drinks.  Williams is one of their only athletes who plays in the main American sports.  The energy drink also sponsors mainstream athletes such as Blake Griffin and DeMarcus Ware.

No information about the can itself was immediately available, but it appears that this will be a part of the #BrooklynsGotWings promotion that the company and player launched back in May.

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