REPORT: Mets and Rockies will wait until winter to talk Troy Tulowitzki trade

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For you Mets fans that are believing that the team’s recent hot streak is for real, you may be disappointed by this news.

The Mets will not be adding any high powered or high priced talent with tomorrow’s trade deadline just a few hours away.  The one trade that surrounded the Mets involved Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki.  Those talks will not continue; for now at least.

According to a report from CBS Sports, the Mets and Rockies will wait until the winter to resume talks of a trade involving the All-Star shortstop.  There were rumors that outfielder Carlos Gonzalez was going to be included in this deal.  It appears his future in Colorado is safe for the time being as well.

From CBS Sports:

The Rockies and Mets haven’t gotten off the ground on talk about Colorado superstars Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez, so any chance to do a deal will likely have to wait for the winter.

“Unless we do speed dating, I think that’s safe to say [that any deal will wait until winter],” one person involved in the limited talks said.

There was a suggestion that the Rockies were waiting for a call Monday that never came, but a Mets person denied they neglected to call. In any case, all sides agree that there has been nothing beyond base touching here. The Rockies believe the Mets are one of the teams that matches up well with them since New York has an impressive list of pitching prospects.

Ultimately, the Mets don’t see themselves as likely to land Tulowitzki — “he wants to be a Yankee” one Mets person said, stating what has becoming obvious — so Gonzalez will presumably be the main focus of talks once they hook up.

It is natural for any Met fan to be pessimisstic, but the Mets are moving in the right direction for the first time in almost a decade.  A trade involving players of Tulowitzki’s and Gonzalez’s magnitude would make the Mets contenders right away.  Naturally, most Mets fans are hoping a deal could get done.

Almost certainly, the Mets would have to give up super pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard in any deal for a high priced bat, which would be the only concern coming from the Mets.  Syndergaard is one of the game’s brightest prospects and the Mets would probably like to hold on to him if possible.

However, with the emergence of Jacob de Grom and Matt Harvey ready to return in 2015, the surplus of pitching prospects that the Mets have become expendable in order to fill the holes in the lineup.

The biggest thing that could hold up this deal is that Tulowitzki has made it public that he would love to replace Derek Jeter on the Yankees.  So it is clear that Tulo wants to play in New York; but just maybe not for the Mets.

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