Report: Mike Woodson under pressure from front office to change starting lineup

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The New York Knicks have had their fair share of struggles this year. That definitely hasn’t gone un-noticed by the front office, and now it’s looking like head coach Mike Woodson is getting the squeeze from the team’s front office to do something about it… or the hot seat might start heating up at a much faster rate.

According to CBS sports, while Woodson isn’t on the hot seat quite yet, the front office is beginning to make demands about the starting lineup.

This quote from the New York Daily News:

The fall guy eventually will be Mike Woodson even though the head coach has the support of most of the locker room and apparently (James) Dolan as well. Despite the Knicks’ 3-6 start and five straight home losses, Woodson is not in imminent danger, according to a source, of being the next Knicks head coach to “resign” — which is Garden-speak for canned. If Lenny Wilkens and Mike D’Antoni both resigned, so will Woodson. Count on it. Until then, the coach is safe, but the word from above is to tinker with the starting lineup, which likely will include shifting soon-to-be-traded Iman Shumpert to the bench and likely promoting veteran tough guy Kenyon Martin. The move allows Anthony to play small forward while placing a rebounding and defensive-minded forward next to Andrea Bargnani, a non-rebounding, defensively challenged forward/center.


According to one unnamed player, the team seems to think the entire concept is counterproductive and another example of Dolan and Callahan, well known non-basketball people, getting involved when they shouldn’t.

“Woody’s hands are tied,” said one Knick. “It’s a joke.”

At the end of the day, this is a very important season for the Knicks. At the end of this year, Carmelo Anthony will likely decide the direction of the team when he chooses whether to re-join the team or sign elsewhere. If Woodson doesn’t start messing with the lineup in an attempt to find something that works, he risks alienating Anthony, the front office, and the Knicks fans. If those three are gone, so is Woodson.


What do you think?
Will Mike Woodson still be coaching the Knicks at the end of this season?
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