Rex Ryan says Vick may be used in Wildcat

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Jets head coach Rex Ryan has more or less said that Geno Smith is the day one starter for his team and that Michael Vick will back him up. That doesn’t necessarily mean, though, that Vick will be warming the bench for the entire season.

At today’s practice, the Jets ran an array of Wildcat formation plays. Michael Vick, despite being 34 years old, was still on display as a dynamic runner and a serious game changer. Rex Ryan hasn’t ruled out using misdirection plays like the Wildcat when the regular season rolls around.

“You’re trying to win the game,” Ryan said Saturday. “If you think that’s the best thing for your team, then absolutely you’ll consider it.”

Obviously Michael Vick is still extremely fast and could change a game at any point. But at the same time, Rex Ryan realizes that with age comes a higher risk for injury. Vick has never been able to shake the injury bug, only playing a full 16-game season once in his 11 years in the NFL.
Ryan insists that he didn’t just install the Wildcat into the playbook because Vick joined the team. Ryan said the use of the Wildcat in camp was planned before camp even started, claiming, “It made no difference who was here. We did it last year.”

The only worry Vick has about this scheme seems to be disrupting the offense. Oddly enough, he seems okay with being second on the depth chart to Geno Smith. Could Vick have changed his tune and adopted an all out “team first” mentality?

“It’s cool, but that disrupts the timing of the offense,” Vick said Thursday night. “I think it has to be done at the right time. I experienced that in Philadelphia with Donovan [McNabb] at times. You want to let the quarterback get into a rhythm and try not to do too much. I think that’s doing too much. When the time calls for it, then I think the coaches will see fit that that’s put in.”

As I said, Mike Vick is still a dynamic runner. There’s a reason that he’s the most successful rushing quarterback in NFL history with over 5,800 rushing yards. This could be a part of the Jets offense that keeps defenses guessing and makes them that much more difficult to nail down.

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