This Syracuse Orange fan’s unique tribute to Jim Boeheim

  • Dave Ragazzo

Many people can relate to getting a tattoo that they regret.  There’s even a show on Spike TV called “Tattoo Nightmares,” so clearly there is a market for people who hate their ink.

In the case of this one Syracuse Orange fan, it is not clear if they hate their tattoo honoring the team’s historic basketball program.  However, a tattoo this large and unique is something that they surely may regret one day.

There is one die hard Orange fan that decided a tattoo of Jim Boeheim was the only way they can pay tribute to the legendary coach.  How would one get a tattoo of Boeheim you ask?  Take a look for yourself:

It is unclear who the person is with this tattoo but chances are, they bleed orange.  It wouldn’t even be a shock if when getting the tattoo, this fan actually did bleed orange blood.

One thing is clear:  no one gets a tattoo like this and doesn’t intend to show it.  Keep an eye out for this die-hard fan during many of the nationally televised Orange basketball games.  You may see Boeheim on the court and in the stands.

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