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Tom Coughlin on job status: Don’t ask me that

  • Tad Johnson

The New York Giants have finally seen their painfully bad 2013 season come to an end. Now that the offseason is here and the dreaded Black Monday is just around the corner, head coach Tom Coughlin has to be wondering just how safe his job is. He was asked about his job security after the Giants finished the season with a 20-6 victory over the Redskins at MetLife stadium today.

“Don’t ask me that,” Coughlin said gruffly. “I’m not answering that type of question right now. There’ll be an evaluation of everything, I’m sure, and we’ll go from there.”


How much time does Tom Coughlin have left?  (Photo Credit:

How much time does Tom Coughlin have left?
(Photo Credit:

In the coming days, I’m sure Coughlin’s job security will be discussed in meetings between he and Giants management. According to ESPN, it is “widely believed” that Coughlin will return next year. This makes a lot of sense. The man has won New York two super bowls in the past decade and unfortunately for him, the team had a poor showing in 2013. He IS the oldest coach in the NFL at age 67, so one has to wonder if his age will be taken into account. Could he retire instead of being fired by the team? At the end of the day, the Giants have to think big picture. Is it worth it to bring Coughlin back and risk another poor showing in 2014? Is it time to give someone else a try? He seems to have the support of his team, judging by comments made by key players in the Giants organization.

“I’d be very surprised,” free-agent defensive end Justin Tuck said when asked if he thought Coughlin might not be back. “Shocked. You tell me somebody who does it better than he does.”

Said Antrel Rolle: “I want him back. I wouldn’t want to play for anyone else. He’s an outstanding coach and more of a phenomenal person. This is exactly what we need in this locker room. I think it’s been proven. We just got off to a real slow start. It had nothing to do with coach Coughlin. We got off to a real slow start and we started picking it up as time went on.

“It’s not my call to make, only thing I can hope and wish for is that he’ll be back.”

Either way, no matter who supports him and who wants to see him canned, one thing is for certain: Coughlin and the team will likely be meeting as soon as tomorrow and this will all be settled fairly quickly. This could be a turning point for the New York Giants franchise.

What do you think?
Is Coughlin’s time in New York over?
Where does the team go from here?


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