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Victor Cruz Questions Coughlin’s Decision to Punt

  • Matt Schantz

After another horrible on field performance by both the offense and defense, tempers start to flare in the Giants locker room. After a 31-7 loss to the Chiefs, players aren’t happy and they are showing it. Even Victor Cruz, according to

Earlier in the season, Hakeem Nicks decided to call out his quarterback, Eli Manning, for only targeting him one time, saying:

“It’s part of the game. You’ve got to control what you can control.  I can’t throw it to myself.”

Then it was Justin Tuck, coming to the aid of his coach by saying:

“If anyone turns on our coach, I would be the first one to punch him in the mouth. It better not happen, I know that. And put that in print. It better not happen, I know that.”

Now number one receiver Victor Cruz decided he has something to say. Cruz questioned coach Tom Coughlin’s decision to punt the ball on fourth-and-inches from the Giants’ own 30-yard line late in the third quarter. Said punt resulted in Chiefs’ return man Dexter McCluster to return the ensuing punt for a touchdown.

“I thought we should have gone for it on that fourth down,” Cruz said, per the New York Daily News. “It’s coach’s call at the end of the day. … We had the momentum. I felt it was a yard, not even a yard, half a yard, we’ve got to take a risk at some point and make something happen.”

Coughlin is not known to be what you would call an aggressive coach. it certainly would have been a huge leap of faith for the porous offensive line that, well let’s face it, could use a morale boost from anyone right about now. Would it have been a risky call? Yes. But maybe tha’s exactly what the Giants need right now to spark any sort of momentum. But it’s out of character for Coughlin.

“It was fourth and miniscule,” Coughlin said. “If it hadn’t been on the 30-yard line, I would have gone for it on fourth down. But if I had gone for it on fourth down and didn’t make it, at that point in the game, that would have been a foolish error.”

Is this Cruz mouthing off after another embarrassing performance from his team? Venting? Letting off some steam? Or is he starting to turn on his coach? And if he is, who will be next? Another player? The front office? It’s panic time for Big Blue.

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