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The Votes Are In; And Geno Smith is the League’s Worst QB

  • Dave Ragazzo


This story is sure to make the Buffalo Bills fans reading giddy; because it is about the deficiencies of a New York Jets quarterback.

Geno Smith’s rookie campaign was inconsistent to put it nicely.  He had a few bad games early, went winless in November but then ended the season strong.  However, the tumultuous first three quarters of the season was enough to put Smith at the back of the pack when it comes to starting quarterbacks.  At least for 26 people around the league.

According to, “26 NFL Insiders” were polled about every starting quarterback in the league and Smith came in dead last.  Each quarterback was graded on a one to five scale with one being the best and five being the worst.  Geno’s score registered in at 4.48 average score.

Here’s more from Dom Cosentino:

In the ESPN poll, Smith’s league-worst average score was 4.48. Sando writes:

It’s too early to write off Smith. Some coaches in particular had a hard time placing any QBs in the fifth tier. To them, a Tier 5 QB would be a backup, not a starter.“Would a five be an Akili Smith or JaMarcus Russell?” one coordinator asked. “I think the way Geno Smith played last year was close to that. He was a rookie and he struggled and some of his reads were poor, but I would give him a four.”

“He is young enough to make a move,” a pro personnel evaluator said.

That “too early to write off Smith” bit is important to keep in mind. Sure, Smith’s Total QBR was a lowly 35.9. But he was a rookie who had to start all 16 games, and we all know how difficult it is to evaluate quarterbacks’ futures based on their rookie seasons.

Now factor in the (lack of) pass-catching targets Smith had, which the Jets made every effort this offseason to bring back above ground. Smith went 8-8 as a rookie. Yet one of these insiders said Smith was “close to” being as crappy as Akili Smith or JaMarcus Russell? Nope. Nothing coded about that comparison. What is it withanonymous NFL decision-makers and Geno Smith?

Smith did seem to flip a switch and seemed more comfortable during the final four games of the season, when the Jets were playing for Head Coach Rex Ryan’s job.  Despite that, the Jets felt as though they needed some insurance behind Smith, so they signed veteran Michael Vick and drafted Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd in the sixth round.

Smith is expected to get the first crack at the job, but Vick will be right on his heels if the second year quarterback falters.

The positive for Geno is that the Jets drastically improved their offense this year.  Besides bringing in Vick, they also added running back Chris Johnson and wide receiver Eric Decker while also drafting four receivers in the draft this year.  Some of last year’s struggles could be attributed to the fact that he did not have any play makers around him.

On the bright side for Geno; there’s no where to go but up.  And the Jets are hoping he takes that next step upwards.

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