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WATCH: The brutal honesty of a Bills fan after dental surgery

  • Tad Johnson

First off, thanks to Buffalo Rumblings for the video. We all know that Bills fans are a long suffering bunch. It’s been a long decade. Since 1999 and the Music City Miracle controversy, it’s been year after year of “we’ll be better next season” or “we’re rebuilding…. again.”

Needless to say, I think this young man accurately describes the pain we all feel in the most heartfelt way. He had just had some dental work done and was still feeling the effects of the anesthesia. From “EJ’s not that good” to “They just got a new coach! He’s…. okay.” I think we’ve all felt what he’s feeling but maybe haven’t been able to accurately describe our feelings quite like him. If you aren’t a fan and you’ve wondered just how it feels to suffer this badly, take a look at the emotional plight of the drugged up Bills fan.


I’ve watched the video over once or twice and I just can’t get over it. His last sentence before the video cuts out may just be my favorite out of the whole thing.
“….I hate Tom Brady”.
Don’t we all, bud. Don’t we all.

EDIT: if you want to follow him on twitter his handle is @JeffRuben1.

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