Yankees retiring Joe Torre’s No. 6

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joe-torreThe Yankees have announced they will retire the No. 6 worn by their former manager Joe Torre during a ceremony on August 23. After 12 years with the Yankees organization (1996-2007), Torre lead the team to 12-straight playoff appearances, which included six trips to the World Series and four titles.

Former Yankees’ stars Goose Gossage, Paul O’Neil and Tino Martinez will be also be honored this year, joining Torre, who was recently elected to the Hall of Fame. Gossage and Martinez will be honored during the Old-Timers’ Day weekend, from June 21-22, while O’Neil will be receive his ceremony on August 9. The team announced that Bernie Williams will be honored as well, however, it will not be until 2015.

The players will be receive a plaque in Monument Park.

For anyone keeping score, with the retiring Torre’s No.6, and with the likelihood of Derek Jeter’s No. 2 being retired in the future, there will not be anymore single-digit numbers to wear:

1 — Billy Martin
2 — Jeter (seems likely to happen)
3 — Babe Ruth
4 — Lou Gehrig
5 — Joe DiMaggio
6 — Torre
7 — Mickey Mantle
8 — Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey
9 — Roger Maris

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