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Oakland Raiders could be on the move soon

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Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis has expressed his displeasure several times about having to play football on a field with a dirt baseball diamond imposed into it. This is because the Raiders share the Coliseum with the Oakland A’s of Major League Baseball

The A’s announced Wednesday that they have signed a ten-year lease to keep playing at the venue.

Per PFT:

A lease that would keep the A’s at the current stadium location for a decade complicates the football team’s search for a new home.  Davis wants a stadium without a baseball infield, which means a stadium without a baseball team.  With the A’s intending to stay at the Coliseum for another 10 years and hoping for a new building at the same location, that’s one less place where the Raiders can develop a long-term home.

The Raiders have a one-year lease, which means they have the ability to pack up and move to another city, assuming 23 other owners would approve it. It appears the A’s beat the Raiders to get a deal done for the venue, even though the city of Oakland would have preferred for the Raiders to have it done first.

Don’t be surprised if Davis launches some sort of relocation campaign in the near future. Los Angeles and Portland would most likely be the top two destinations for the silver and black. It would be the right move for Davis make a move soon to secure the future of the organization.

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