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Oregon female is the starting goalie on boys lacrosse team

  • Jason Whitney

Sara Humphreys is the starting goalie for the boys lacrosse team

Sara Humphreys isn’t your typical female attending high school. Humphreys plays a key role on the boys high school lacrosse team. You read that right, the boys lacrosse team. Sara is the starting goalie for the boy’s team because Hillsboro doesn’t have a girls lacrosse team. So instead of jumping to nearby Century to play for the girl’s team there, she chose to play for her high school as a member of the boy’s team.

Via The Oregonian:

For the better part of the past two years, Hillsboro’s boys lacrosse team has employed the same goalie to protect its net.

Hillsboro’s boys lacrosse goalie is a girl.

“When I take my helmet off, they’ll sometimes say, ‘Oh, they have a girl,’ or ‘She’s a girl,’ or ‘They really have a girl goalie!'” said Hillsboro senior Sarah Humphreys, who last year took over goaltender duties for the Spartans. 

According to Dan Badders, commissioner of the Oregon High School Boys Lacrosse Association, Humphreys is just the second female to play boys high school lacrosse in the last 10 years. But don’t feel bad for Humphreys, she prefers playing with the guys as it is much more physical than playing with the girls.

Because Oregon has high school girls lacrosse, it’s rare for girls to play boys lacrosse. Dan Badders, commissioner of the Oregon High School Boys Lacrosse Association (OHSLA), said Humphreys is only the second girl to play boys lacrosse during his 10-year tenure.

The differences in the boys and girls games are dramatic. Boys lacrosse is far more physical than girls because players are allowed to make contact above the waist. Use of the stick is far more liberal in the boys game. As a result, boys wear shoulder and elbow pads and helmets.

Hillsboro doesn’t have a girls lacrosse team, but Humphreys could have played for the girls team at neighboring Century. Humphreys has friends who play for the Jaguars. But the girls game doesn’t appeal to Humphreys.

“From what my friends described to me about girls lacrosse, it wasn’t anything that sounded fun or challenging,” Humphreys said. “I would much rather play with the guys.”

H/T: Yahoo Sports

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