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LeBron returning to Cleveland, Paul Pierce signing with Washington, Kevin Durants injury, the NBA is a world in which we have learned to expect the unexpected. With injuries, trades, ownership changes, the NBA will chang forever, for the better or worse. So here are a few ‘crazy’ predictions for the upcoming season, all of which I wouldn’t be surprised to see actually happen.

1. Indiana Pacers miss the Playoffs

Without Paul George and his new jersey number, the Pacers will flat out stink. People have underestimated the loss of Lance Stephenson, and what he did for this team. Stephenson heads to another team that will take one of playoff spots right from the Pacers.

David West is ageing, and not as effective as he once was, and Roy Hibbert was straight up horrible late last season. If the Pacers plan on making the playoffs, Roy Hibbert needs to return All-Star conversations, and the Pacers need to ask Marty McFly and Doc if they can borrow the DeLorean to send West back to his 2008/09 form.

Rodney Stuckey and CJ Miles are valuable additions, just not enough to make a bang in a stronger and deeper Eastern Conference.

Photo Credit: NY Post

Photo Credit: NY Post


2. Lance Stephenson will make his first All-Star Team

To continue on the misery this season could present this seasons Pacers team, former Indiana Pacer, Lance Stephenson, will make his first All-Star team as a Charlotte Hornet. Lance was in the conversation last year, and even came up with his own ridiculous ‘Vote for Lance’ presedential-like campaign video.

Stephenson could be in for a career year, leading the new Hornets franchise alongside a team with huge upside. Don’t be surprised to see Stephensons team mates, Al Jefferson and Kemba Walker brought up in All-Star conversations either. The era of Charlotte being the laughing stock of the NBA is well and truly over.


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3. Rajon Rondo remains in Boston

There have been rumours since the departures of his former team mates, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, that Rajon Rondo wants out of Boston. Rumours have continued since then, with the Celtics shopping him to kickstart their future without Rondo, but Rondo has remained a Celtic, and it will stay that way.

Offers will come and go in a busy trade deadline period for the Celtics, but they will hold on to one of the only veteran players they have in Rondo. If anything, dont be surprised to Celtics trade another big name. Jeff Green and Jared Sullinger will warrant a lot of attention, and the Celtics may just listen to those offers.

Photo Credit: Delay of Game

Photo Credit: Delay of Game


4. Toronto finish 2nd in the Eastern Conference

Teams underestimated Toronto last season, and they finished fourth overall in the East, and were eventually knocked out of the playoffs by the Brooklyn Nets. Now with more experience, Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry will lead the Raptors to the second best record in the Eastern Conference.

Who will the Raptors beat out for the second spot in the East you ask? Derrick Rose’s knees. In not so shocking news, Derrick Rose is a mere shadow of the former MVP player he once was, and faces plenty of time on the sidelines with niggling knee injuries all season. Enter the Toronto Raptors.

Both Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan will be likely candidates to make the All-Star team and lead this team to one of the best season in franchise history. To be truly feared, the Raps will have to make a big move to further deepen their stocks in the frontcourt. Amir Johnson is simply not good enough to be a starter in a championship team, although he would make a very good sixth man. Look for the Raptors to make big plays on both Greg Monroe and Kevin Garnett.

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5. Brooklyn Nets blow up their roster

In May of this year, reports were that Deron Williams wants out of Brooklyn as bad as the Nets want to deal him. This season, both parties will get their wish. But the Nets will not look to replenish their team with more stars, they will go for a full rebuild and attempt to acquire picks.

Brook Lopez, Kevin Garnett and Joe Johnson will be put on the block, for draft picks and young prospects. Joe Johnson has a huge contract and will be hard to deal, but Kevin Garnett could be the perfect compliment to a team that needs playoff experience and grit. Again, enter the Toronto Raptors.

Lopez is also going to be tough to deal due to his foot injury problems. He could be another Bill Walton or Yao Ming case, that never returns to his full potential. However, teams that are so close to being a contending team tend to take risks on these kinds of things, and the Nets need to take full advantage of that team.

Photo Credit: NY Post


6. Pistons package Brandon Jennings and Greg Monroe in exchange for Deron Williams

I said this was a crazy list right? Yes? Good. When the trade deadline is upon us, the Pistons will be in a desperate struggle to trade away Greg Monroe before he becomes an unrestricted free agent and watch him walk out the door. Deron Williams in Detroit doesn’t sound as horrible as it does at first. The lob passed that Williams and Andre Drummond would connect on would be a nightly feature on SportsCentre.

The Nets would get back Greg Monroe’s unrestricted contract that they could do what they pleased, Jennings’ contract is around $8M for the next two seasons, before becoming an unrestricted free agent himself. Out there, but viable.

Photo Credit: CBS Detroit

Photo Credit: CBS Detroit


7. San Antonio lose in the first round of the Playoffs and Tim Duncan retires

This could be the end of an era in San Antonio, and the NBA. The Western Conference is as strong as ever, and this season, the Spurs will lose in the first round of the playoffs, to a team like the Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks or Memphis Grizzlies. Age will finally catch up with the ‘Ageless Wonders’ and the Spurs will finally say goodbye to Tim Duncan.

With Tim Duncan hanging up the sneakers for the last time, does that also spell the end for Ginobili and Coach Pop? There’s a very good chance. Tim wont be away from the game for long at all, expect to see Tim back with a front office job or even an assistant coaching role in San Antonio, only a season or two after retiring.


Photo Credit: USA Today

Photo Credit: USA Today


8. Houston Rockets win Western Conference Final

This probably isnt as bold as the rest of these predictions, but the West is such a tough conference to win. With the Spurs, Thunder, Clippers, Blazers and Warriors fighting for the same title, its the Rockets that will come out victorious.

Some say the loss of Chandler Parsons is much bugger than it first seems, well I’m going to say that the addition of Trevor Ariza may outweigh that loss. Ariza brings the same skill set, a perimeter jumpshot, a slashing game, and may be a bit better on the defnesive end, but he also brings more experience.

Dwight Howard will have an MVP calibre season, with the All-Star help of James Harden. The Rockets will be one half of the 2015 NBA Finals.

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9. Philadelphia trade Michael Carter-Williams

There were reports that the Sixers had shopped the reigning Rookie of the Year earlier in the offseason, but did not receive the offers they were hoping for. The Sixers are after more high draft picks to further assist their rebuilding process.

Philadelphia ‘tried hard’ to trade the long point guard on draft night, and with huge cap space, they were in talks with almost every franchise in the NBA. When the Sixers selected Elfrid Payton, it seemed that a Carter-Williams trade had been finalized, it turned out to the be the other way, with Payton dealt to the Magic.

These talks wont die down until the deadline passes. Sam Hinkie likes a gamble, and will do anything to see this roster evolve, if the right deal comes along, MCW will be out the door faster than you can say his name. Literally.

Photo Credit: NY Post

Photo Credit: NY Post

10. The Lakers will fire Head Coach, Byron Scott

Why? Because its the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers fired Mike Brown a couple seasons ago after going 1-4, yes, five games into a season the Lakers fired their head coach. Although the team isn’t anywhere near what they were on paper a few seasons ago, the Lakers still have playoff hopes.

Coach Scott has made it public his feelings about the three point shot, he doesnt think it wins championships. News for you Coach, you’re coaching Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Nick Young. Kobe and Steve Nash have a combined 7,834 attempts from deep in their illustrious careers, and Nick Young, well he’s Nick Young.

The only reason Scott could be on the firing line is the constant playoff hope for this team, not facing reality and blowing it up and starting again. Good luck Coach.

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