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We can all have fun in placing a bet. There is the thrill of the win and beating the bookies, as well as range of emotions that you will experience with a win or a loss, for better or for worse. For the novice who is going to place their first bet, it will be similar to playing eenie meanie miney moe on your fingers. It is a betting strategy that could work for you, but it will be high risk and isn’t wise to do so if you plan to win consistently from making bets. The ‘work smarter, not harder’ mantra definitely comes into play and is important when placing bets.

There has been a large rise in the amount of sports betting companies over the last fifteen years. Fuelled by people’s initial interest in sports from horse racing, the Melbourne Cup in particular, to basketball, football, soccer and more. These betting houses have changed the way the average Joe can make money through their own sporting passion. Whether it is knowing the historical performance of a team at a certain location, or the impact of a rookie being drafted into the run on team.

So do your best by taking the risk factor out of the betting equation. “How?” I hear you say. Well, we can offer a few of these handy tips for betting if you are a beginner.

Stay within your means

This point cannot be stressed enough. Know your financial limitations when it comes to betting. Don’t start betting with lines of credit in order to multiply your winnings. Should you lose, you will magnify your losses. Stay within your financial means and aim to bet up to no more than twenty-five percent of your betting hand.

Get tips to pick a winner.

Reduce the amount of risk you are taking on a punt by learning how to pick a winner. This means getting as much information and knowledge about your pick, prior to placing the bet. If the bookie is prepared to share a little inside information, then go for it. If not, then do some research online and look at the historical performance of the prospect that you have in mind.

Don’t gamble, take a punt!

It is easy to gamble away your money by placing ill-advised bets. If you are doing it for the sake of having fun, then by all means, go for it! But stick within your limits. However, if you are aiming to have more control with your betting outcome, make an informed and calculated decision when it comes to taking a punt on your prospect.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, so don’t play it like it is.

Everyone wants to get rich. For the majority, you won’t be able to make a profession out of this. And even if you do, it will probably take time for you to make consistent winnings.

Remember that the house should always win, so don’t be surprised if you end up with a loss.

This is the nature of the betting game. The odds aren’t stacked in your favour to win. If you see a large opportunity to win big, the odds probably aren’t that great and the bookies will still profit. That said, there are still opportunities to win. But at the same time, there are opportunities to lose.

Use smart devices to your advantage.

The great thing with technology nowadays is that you can place bets directly from your smart device (be it a tablet, smart phone or an application on your desktop). Access information quickly from your online sources to make a calculated bet that will improve your chances of winning.

These are a few tips to keep in mind when you are engaging in betting activities. Have fun. Bet wisely and responsibly.



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