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Casino Playing and Sport – Two And The Same? 81

The intensity, the drama, the high stakes. When you think about it, sport and casino playing are not a million miles apart. Admittedly, casino playing is never going to be considered an Olympic sport but they do share a number of fundamental properties. Whether you are a casino player or a sportsman, you’re likely to have a number of transferable skills.

With both sport and casino playing, an element of natural talent is required. Not everybody is great to start with, but commitment and practice are responsible for improvement. When it comes to sport a great deal of time and energy needs to be invested in order to improve. Your strength of play can only advance with consistent training and practice. This, in some ways, is similar to mastering casinos. There’s no such thing as casino training, but committing time and effort to playing will certainly increase your chances of winning ten-fold.

When it comes to sport and casino playing, tactics are also key. In a state of play, you need to know your competitors just as well as you know the game. In sport, a great deal of time is dedicated to planning tactical moves that the opposition will not expect. The same skill translates to the casino player perfectly. Understanding the game means you can begin to anticipate the moves of your opponents, whilst also approaching the game with new and unique tactics to help improve your chances of winning.

The similarity of emotion between sport and casino playing are undeniable. Anticipation and adrenaline courses through the veins of both sport and casino players. When stakes are high, both sportsmen and casino players know how to use their adrenaline to their advantage. Both casino and sports games will involve a number of highs and lows, throughout which the players will be taken on something of an emotional rollercoaster.

Success often comes from taking risks and sports and casino players are no strangers to this. Both types of player experience crucial moments during play where taking a risk could be make or break. Being able to evaluate any risk at hand and make a quick and comprehensive decision is an acquired skill. As any successful sportsman or casino player will tell you – playing it safe doesn’t get you anywhere.

There are many similarities in skills that are associated with sport and casino playing. What is interesting is the way casino players are reaching a similar level of celebrity as sports players. As casino play is televised increasingly, casino players are adopting similar admiration from the public as sports players. This would suggest that the similarities extend to how the games make the audience feel. The two games clearly generate the same emotions of tension and excitement in the viewers at home.

The rise of casino games in both televised and online format is leaving audiences entertained around the world. Sports players and casino players can be considered akin, but perhaps it is also the audiences that are the same. Those who enjoy watching high-intensity games, involving tactics and risk taking, are likely to enjoy both sports and casino equally. So as the two continue to become synonymous, the future of casino could see it attain the status in popular culture that sport receives. Perhaps a Casino Olympics could truly be on the cards.


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