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After the brutal five game series, in which every loss by the Knicks was by double digits, we all got a good idea of what the Knicks are…mediocre. The time for excuses are over. I know injuries, coaching changes, two truncated seasons of roster change over, and a late 18-6 run under head coach, Mike Woodson, has the every optimistic  Knicks fans clamoring for future hope. Point is this, there is no way the Knicks are going to contend for a title in their current situation. Some of the geniuses over at ESPN and other places will say the Knicks are stuck with their current core. I disagree. The Knicks could make some changes. Here are five possible trades the Knicks could make to improve their current situation.

5.) Amar’e Stoudemire FOR Joe Johnson

By far, the most intriguing trade. Either the Knicks would rival the Heat with a dynamite scoring duo, or it would completely implode. I will say, Joe Johnson has played with other dominate ball players like Steve Nash, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Jamal Crawford. So I think he could adjust to isolations from Carmelo Anthony. This would give the Knicks a variety of lineup options. You could go small by playing Lin, Shumpert, Joe Johnson, Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler, or go big and have Joe Johnson be in your back-court with Shumpert and Melo playing the small forward position. I personally love this trade, and no way Atlanta says no. They would get STAT’s contract that is one year shorter than Joe Johnson who is a year older than Stat to boot.

4.) Amar’e Stoudemire/Iman Shumpert FOR Josh Smith/Jeff Teague/Marvin Williams

The reason the Hawks would make a trade for Josh Smith at this point, is because he probably is going to hit the open market after next year. They have to get something for him. Would they want to bring in Amar’e? Well here is why it could be an option. They rid themselves of the terrible Marvin Williams contract, and bring in a young perimeter stud defender Iman Shumpert. The Hawks could go with a lineup of Pargo/Hinrich, Shumpert, Joe Johnson, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Al Horford. They get a scoring threat out on the block while shaking up their team.

For the Knicks, you get a guy in Josh Smith that can play either of the forward spots, and potentially some center if they wanted to play some small ball. Marvin Williams gives them some much-needed depth or could start, while Jeff Teague provides some scoring off the bench while backing up Jeremy Lin. A lineup of Lin, Melo, Marvin Williams, Josh Smith, and Tyson Chandler could be a match-up nightmare for any team. Teague is great insurance as a backup point guard, who also could play off the ball. I love this trade, seems doubtful though.

3.) Amar’e Stoudemire FOR David lee/Andris Biedrins

First, I have to give credit to Sports-Kings hoops guru, Frank “Lord” Santos. He suggested this trade, and at first, I was a bit skeptical. David Lee doesn’t play much more defense than Amar’e, and I’ve always wondered if he was a solid player putting up good stats on bad teams. But then I got to thinking, David Lee would be a perfect fit to play with Carmelo Anthony. Lee doesn’t need the ball in his hands. He keeps balls alive, rebounds better than Amar’e, and is a better passer. Lee’s defensive deficiencies would be covered up by Tyson Chandler and the Knicks get a guy already affiliated with the New York media. The Jeremy Lin, David Lee pick and roll combo would be an instant success with Lee’s ability to also pass to the open shooter on the wing. A lineup of Lin, Shump, Melo, Lee, Chandler with a bench of Biedrins, Fields, and some free agent fillers could turn the Knicks into an exciting team.

2.) Amar’e Stoudemire/Jeremy Lin FOR Deron Williams and Anthony Morrow

A sign and trade obviously would have to happen. With the Nets’ move to Brooklyn, they cannot afford to roll up in there with their marketing ticket being Marshon Brooks and Brook Lopez (assuming they match). Deron Williams would control this trade as he would obviously have to agree to do a sign and trade to New York. The Nets would get their marketing piece in Jeremy Lin, and still get a star scorer with Amar’e Stoudemire. The Nets could have a solid core of Lin, Brooks, Stoudemire, and Brook Lopez assuming they resigned him. Their interior defense would be putrid, but that team would put up some offensive numbers one would think. Or they could simply let Brook Lopez walk, and keep under the cap while resigning Kris Humphries to play along STAT. Plethora of options for the Nets, unfortunately they are a long way from really contending either way.

For the Knicks you get an obvious star in Deron Williams and a stud point they have lacked since…Walt Frazier? The only thing that is worrisome is the fact that Deron and Melo both need the ball in their hands. Melo can operate with ball dominating guards though, as he still flourished with guards like Iverson and Billups. D-Will, Shump, Morrow, Melo, and Chandler would provide a serious threat to the Heat. Morrow provides a three-point threat that keeps the defense honest, which opens the floor up. Having a dominate point guard is the best way to beat the Heat, and the Knicks would certainly create some buzz going into next season.

1.) Amar’e Stoudemire/Tyson Chander FOR Dwight Howard/Hedo Turkoglu

Recent rumors of Mike D’Antoni replacing Stan Van Gundy could make this deal even more interesting, if it ever came to fruition. This team would be made for D’Antoni. Jameer Nelson’s career could be revived. With shooters like Ryan Anderson, J.J. Redick, and Jason Richardson would be right up D’Antoni’s alley. Toss in Amar’e Stoudemire, who would be on his third team with D’Antoni, and you still have the D’Antoni’s paradigm of the high pick and roll. Chandler could play his role of defense and the Magic would still be an interesting contending team. Even if the Magic keep Stan Van Gundy, he still gets his defensive anchor in Chandler, and replaces Dwight’s offense with Amar’e. The Magic then roll with Nelson, Redick, Richardson, Amar’e and Chandler. Ryan Anderson provides a punch coming off the bench, or becomes a trade asset while they still could sign Steve Nash. A ton of potential storylines with the Magic this summer and this would be very interesting, especially if D’Antoni was the coach, that would be a huge chip in possibly bringing in Steve Nash.

For the Knicks, it’s obvious. You get Dwight to pair with Melo. You instantly are a title contender, and free agents will flock to New York. As good as Chandler is, he is no Dwight Howard. The Knicks could instantly be a defensive juggernaut if Iman Shumpert comes back at full strength. The Lin/Howard high pick and roll combo becomes dangerous. And oh, by the way, you have your closer in Carmelo Anthony. This is the dream scenario for Knicks fans. With the Dwight saga becoming worse and worse by the days, I think the Knicks should seriously have Otis Smith’s number on speed dial.


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