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Sporting organizations are just like other businesses and nonprofit organization, in that they have to track their financial data in order to maintain their budgets, make long-term plans, and streamline their allocations, workflow, and management tasks. Leagues and teams need to perform an array of tasks to track their financials, handle registration, and take care of scheduling. Luckily, there are multiple ERP software programs designed to do just that. ERP is an acronym for enterprise resource planning. Read on to learn about the possibilities in financial apps, each designed to keep everything organized without sapping the energy of the sports-team managers, owners, fans, and/or players.

Online Registration-Management Software

To manage sports leagues and association registration, there are online ERP software programs that can handle payment processing and other details that occur during registration. These apps work for any sort of sport team, including:

•       Soccer
•       Basketball
•       Lacrosse
•       Hockey
•       Football
•       Baseball
•       Softball

Sports Sign-Up Software

There are also software programs that take registration ERP software a few steps further, which reduce league managers’ headaches. These comprehensive programs:

•       Handle registration
•       Perform background checks
•       Offer customer support
•       Are completely mobile and web based

Organization and Communication

Other types of enterprise resource planning software can take care of communication and organization between team members and managers. In a snap, coaches, managers, players, and parents can communicate with each other any time of the day or night. These mobile apps are invaluable with logistics, and allow for easy handling of:

•       Schedules
•       Equipment
•       Practice
•       Volunteers

Customizable Software

Some registration apps are customizable, so the ERP can be adapted to meet the teams’ needs rather than the other way around.  This is extremely valuable, because is allows flexibility in its ability to:

•       Gather information
•       Give practice updates
•       Create player groups

Facility and League Program

To organize both the league and the facilities being used, there are apps designed to handle a multitude of tasks involved in scheduling:

•       Courts
•       Fields
•       Lessons
•       Referees
•       Multipurpose rooms
•       Equipment

These ERP programs can also handle the financial aspects involved with facility scheduling, such as:

•       Generating invoices
•       Tracking payment statuses

Desirable ERP Features

While there are a multitude of apps designed to handle various aspects of running sporting organizations, some have more features and capabilities than others. Some of the possibilities to consider are:

•       Cloud Based
•       Web Based
•       Background screening
•       Equipment tracking
•       Game results tracking
•       Scheduling
•       Team Assignments

Customer Support

The user-friendliest ERP software programs are backed up by exemplary customer service. Some telltale signs of topnotch tech support are:

•       Support that is provided online
•       Support that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
•       Live representatives that are available at all times.


In addition to having tech support, it is also helpful to be able to receive training specific to the ERP. For example, training may be offered through:

•       Webinars
•       In person
•       Online classes

Budgeting, scheduling, registration, and documentation are all important parts of managing financial responsibilities and other duties of sports organizations. Instead of relying on paperwork and human brainpower, ERP software programs can handle everything seamlessly and efficiently. All the leagues and teams have to do is select the application that best suits their needs.


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