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Importance of different positions in Football 68

When it comes to different positions in football, general misconception is that striker is the best position because a striker scores goals and wins games. People think that players of different positions simply support the striker. However, all these assumptions are completely wrong. Each and every position in football has its own importance and one cannot say which is better and which is worst. It’s the same as in online casino as people think it only depend by the chance, but in fact rules and strategies are the most important, if you are new in this world, don’t hesitate to learn more on

Football is a game of teamwork and players of different positions have to properly complete their duties for the success of the team. If the players fail to do so, it would inevitably result in team not winning games. The four basic positions in the game of football are Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder and Striker or Forward. Each position has different sets of characteristics.


Players playing in the position of goalkeeper have the main task of protecting their goal post from attack of the opponent. The goalkeeper stands in front of the goal and tries to block or save the ball that comes towards the goal. It is the only position where player is allowed to touch the ball with hands. A goalkeeper saving a goal is as important as a striker scoring one, if not more.


Defender, usually called as back, is a position whose main task is protecting their area from the attack of the opponent. Defenders are positioned in front of the goalkeeper. The position of defended is further divided into two positions, Center Back and Side Back. Center Backs play in middle of the defensive area exactly in front of the goalkeeper. They have the biggest responsibility of protecting their goal after goalkeeper. Players playing in Side Back position play at side of defense area. This position is also helpful when attacking.


The position of a midfielder is the most flexible position in the game of football. Players playing in this position are attack as well as defend. They play in the middle of field. Being a flexible position, it is also one of the most important positions. It is quite well known that they are known as playmakers of game. Further subdivision of the midfield position includes Center Midfielder, Attacking Midfielder, Defensive Midfielder and Side Midfielder. Each of this position have their own role. For instance, a defensive midfielder is more involved in defense, while an attacking midfielder is more offensive and help teams in attacks. Side Midfielders help team from the side, and are also known as wingers.


Lastly, there is a Forward Player or a Striker, whose main role is to score goals by hitting balls into the goal. The players in this position need to have a good instinct and position themselves in a manner that they can receive balls from other players and score goals. When the chance arrives, they need to maximize it and score goals. A striker is always under constant pressure as the opponent defender always look to contain them and stop them for scoring goals. This makes the task even more difficult.


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