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We’re in mid October, which means we’re pretty much enjoying the best time of the year for sports. Football is in full swing, baseball playoffs are heating up, hockey has started and basketball preseason has begun. For a lot of folks, Autumn is the best time of the year and it’s because of this reason.

We are still a couple of weeks from hitting the apex of the sports year when the NBA, NHL, MLB, college football and NFL are all officially in their regular season or postseason. But this weekend still offers plenty of sports action with the ALCS and NLCS in baseball, week six in the NFL, preseason basketball drawing to and end and the NHL regular season finishing up its first week of games. And if you’re looking to put some money on the array of games that are available, it’s important that you look at live betting trends of each game that is going on this weekend.

The MLB postseason second round isn’t quite set yet, but after tomorrow we’ll know the matchups that will be taken place. With Handicapper101, they’ve got you covered as they specialize in advanced analytics and market trends so you can make solid decisions like choosing possibly the feel-good Chicago Cubs this weekend.

In the NFL, there are some marquee games like the Steelers hosting the Cardinals, Bills vs. Cincinnati, Panthers vs. Seahawks, Patriots vs. Colts and Monday Night Football’s NFC East rival showdown, Giants at Philadelphia game. Before placing any bets, you’ll definitely want to check out particular stats and team records against the spread, over/under and moneylines for each of these games that are taken place.

But before you get to Sunday and Monday’s NFL games, don’t forget you have an NFL matchup on Thursday between the undefeated Atlanta Falcons on the road against the desperate New Orleans Saints. Then, of course, you have Saturday’s college football games.

A couple games you’ll want to tune into on Saturday is UCLA taking on Stanford, Iowa against Northwestern, Alabama vs. Texas A&M, Michigan State vs. Michigan, Penn State taking on number one, OSU and Florida against LSU. Wow, talk about a full slate of exciting games ahead!

With all these games taking place in baseball and football, you might not have time to check out the early season games of the NHL or preseason NBA, so don’t worry if you miss a few of these games as these different sports leagues have just started.

So get excited and jump on some of these games. It’s October and there is so much going on it is easy to forget things when placing bets. That’s where Handicapper101 comes in. They do all the work for you and get you those trends you need to be successful when betting.

Have a great weekend of sports watching and good luck!




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