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Boston Celtics v New York Knicks - Game Four

Let’s be honest here, trades are the funnest thing to discuss in the NBA. With almost endless possibilities resulting in endless lineups and rosters, it’s no wonder why trades are always the hottest conversation in sports, much less the National Basketball Association. A great example of this was the deal that sent Kevin Love to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Andrew Wiggins to the Timberwolves. It was a trade that was rumored for months and likely will be debated for years on who made the right decision. Minnesota got this year’s first overall pick and the Cavaliers got back “arguably” the best power forward in the game. Who will be dealt this season? It could be anything from an all-star point guard to an up and coming prospect. So which 10 players will be traded by the All-Star break?

10.) Al Horford

The center is a two-time all-star, but has been on the trading block for two season now. Horford only played in 29 games last season and still produced at 18 point per game to go along with 8 boards per contest. It seems that the Atlanta Hawks have quietly been trying to trade him away but haven’t found the right deal yet. Some teams that seem interested in the big man are the Knicks and Lakers. But aren’t the Knicks and Lakers interested in everyone? It seems like the Hawks parting ways with Horford could happen this season with just two years remaining on the center’s contract. Next year, Horford’s value will plummet seeing that the former Florida big man will be on an expiring deal.

9.) Rajon Rondo

I think it’s safe to call Rondo a star now. The point guard has been on the trading block for what seems likes forever, but it’s only been two or three seasons. The Celtics star player is the best player on a team that isn’t ready to compete, so it might be right to ship him for a first rounder or two. Rondo has averaged 11.1 points per game in his eight seasons as a Celtic and hasn’t played more than 68 games since the 2009-10 NBA season. Some possibilities include the Lakers, Knicks and the Mavericks. Dallas and Boston were discussing a trade last season, but never reached an agreement.

8.) Arron Afflalo

Afflalo has already been traded once this season, but the Nuggets shooting guard might not fit in with the suddenly crowded Denver backcourt. The Nuggets are loaded at the guard(s) position which will keep the defensive-minded Afflalo from getting minutes. The Golden State Warriors have been rumored to be interested in him, but with Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes and Andre Iguodala, that isn’t exactly a great situation for Afflalo either.

7.) Michael Carter-Williams

MCW made a splash last season winning the Rookie of the Year award and recording a triple double against the Miami Heat early in the season. The 76ers have a very young nucleus, but aren’t ready to compete just yet. Philadelphia has been trying to trade him away since they drafted him (literally) and might cut to a deal with someone sooner than we think. Here is another shocker, the Lakers have shown interest in him. Don’t be surprised if this is Carter-Williams last season with Philadelphia.

6.) Chase Budinger

Timberwolves forward Chase Budinger has been in the trade discussion this entire offseason. He has averaged 9 points per game in his five years in the NBA but recorded a career low of 6.7 ppg last season in Minnesota. The Pistons, who originally drafted him before trading him away that same night, have shown interest in trading for him.

5.) Taj Gibson

The Chicago Bulls forward Taj Gibson looks like he will be shipped very soon. The Raptors, Bulls and Timberwolves are teams that are interested in the defensive-minded power forward’s services. With the addition of Pau Gasol and Nikola Mirotic, there will only be so many minutes to go around. Gibson provides nice depth, but if the Bulls could net a sharp shooting two-guard like Kevin Martin in return, it seems logical that the Bulls would part Taj Gibson.

4.) Gerald Green

The 28-year-old Gerald Green could say goodbye to his home in Phoenix pretty soon. The Suns currently have seven guards on their roster and Green is the only one who will be an unrestricted free agent after this season. He averaged 13.6 points per game last season, but if the Suns don’t look like they’ll compete for the playoffs come February, then they might deal Green elsewhere before the All-Star break.

3.) Kendrick Perkins

Kendrick Perkins backup, Steven Adams, looks like he could potentially be very good in the NBA after being drafted last year by the Thunder. If the New Zealand native starts producing, Perkins could see himself planted on the end of the bench, or traded. Oklahoma City could use this trade to land a bench player who can score some points.

2.) JaVale McGee

The Nuggets have been thinking about pulling the trigger on a JaValee McGee trade for quite some time now. With the depth the Nuggets have, there isn’t much room for McGee and he’s taking up a big chunk of their salary cap. So why let him sit there on the bench when he could be starting somewhere else? Denver would be smart to trade him for anything from a first rounder to a role player off the bench.

1.) Roy Hibbert

The Cleveland Cavaliers are said to be after Roy Hibbert and might be interested in trading Dion Waiters for him. The trade would help Indiana and Cleveland address some glaring needs. It would be interesting to see the two teams help each other in a trade – especially seeing that when Paul George gets back, this is a matchup that could quickly escalate into a great rivalry. And what a rivalry it would be. This trade seems logical as well, the Pacers are without their best player all season and it might be in Indiana’s best interest to stink and get a great draft pick to pair with Paul George long-term. Stay tuned.


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