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Fans of professional sports are used to seeing the career player. By the time someone gets to the National Basketball Association, you know at least one thing about them: they’re very good at basketball. This even goes for the players who fail to distinguish themselves at this level of play. But them in a room of people from the general population, and they’ll dominate. But put them on a court with the other most exceptional players in the country, and the competition gets a lot more fierce. In conditions like this, it’s incredible to see a player who manages to dominate. Last year, Steph Curry was that player.

For those that are somehow unaware, the Golden State Warriors won it all last season. Their star player? Steph Curry, an athlete than many had written off just a few years prior. He was too short, they said. He wasn’t strong enough, they said. Curry proved them wrong in the Warriors’ post season, averaging 29 points per game and leading his team to the championship. His excellence was seen all over the court. Precision distance shots, high scores at close range, and a command of the defensive side of things, Curry was simply a force to be reckoned with. It was an overnight sensation you rarely see in the NBA, a league that tends to focused on the biggest and the strongest. Curry proved that there are other ways to dominate the game.

It was an overnight success that attracted Under Armor, a company that rose up from nothing in Baltimore within recent memory. Their collaboration with Steph Curry commemorates his remarkable 2014-2015 season. It’s the Curry Two Shoe. Take a look at the video to see some highlights of Curry’s career, and to find out how the shoe reflects his game.

CurryTwo by UnderArmor from BuzzstarterVids on Vimeo.

How long does it take to change the game? Decades? Years? Days? Hours? Nope, as Under Armor and Steph Curry know, it can only take a second! The Golden State Warriors were last year’s NBA champion and Curry led the way, averaging just under 29 points in the post season. He seemed unstoppable, knocking down step-back three pointers, making jaw-dropping shots around the rim, and even doing it on the defensive end of the court as well. He was a leader on the court and was key to the Warriors being victorious. What’s amazing to think about when considering Curry’s exceptional 2014-2015 season is how doubtful people were of Curry’s game when he got to the NBA. People thought he was too short and not strong enough to match up with other players, even though he proved his ability to score time and time again (remember his days at Davidson?!) Under Armor is releasing the new Curry Two shoe and has created a video about Steph Curry changing the game in order to get people excited. You can check out the video below and click here to learn more.



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