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Ozzie Newsome says Super Bowl win for Joe Flacco won’t change contract offer

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Joe Flacco has been playing some of the best football of his career

Joe Flacco has led the Ravens to the Super Bowl after five seasons as their starting quarterback, quieting skeptics along the way. But according to Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome, the result of the Super Bowl won’t change the amount of a long-term deal that the Ravens will offer. Ozzie Newsome had this to say when asked by the Baltimore Sun:

“As I said before, Joe and I are at the same comfort level about his contract. At the end of the day, some people will look at what he does on Sunday afternoon, but I have an entire body of work to look at,” Newsome said, via the Baltimore Sun. “Joe sits right behind me on the plane rides home. I also know how he practices, how he works out during the offseason. I look to see how he interacts with players, how he reacts to losing, what type of leader he is. Again, it’s the entire body of work over five years.”

Flacco is currently playing the best football of his career. He’s thrown for 8 touchdowns to go along with zero interceptions. He’s beaten Hall of Fame quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, both on the road.

Following the Super Bowl next Sunday Flacco will be an unrestricted free agent. The Ravens have tried locking Flacco up long-term, but have yet to come to an agreement. If the Ravens and Flacco’s agent can’t come to an agreement prior to the start of training camp next season he will surely be slapped with the franchise tag.

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