76ers Could Be Looking To Move Bynum

  • Mark Evans

When the Philadelphia 76ers traded Andre Iguodala to acquire Andre Bynum, they knew what they were getting themselves into. Bynum is a massively talented player with all of the physical tools to be one of the best players in the league. They also knew that he has serious injury and maturity issues, which have been huge issues this season.

Bynum’s knees have prevented him from playing all year, and people are beginning to wonder if he will be back on the court any time soon. He is a free agent after this season, and the 76ers took a risk acquiring him without assurance that he would re-sign with the team.

It looks like the 76ers might be starting to get a little nervous. Via Yahoo:

One NBA general manager said the Sixers have been making trade inquiries about adding a starting caliber center.

“They got to be a little panicked now,” one GM said. “They could get a really interesting deal for him. I could see them doing that.”

Could you imagine the 76ers dealing Andrew Bynum before he even plays a game for them?

It sounds ridiculous, but there are a lot of things going on here that could make it a possibility. He could leave in free agency, and the team might be looking to get a return on him. Or maybe they’re reevaluating their decision to acquire him in the first place.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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4 Responses to 76ers Could Be Looking To Move Bynum

  • May be for the better, IMO he wasn’t ready to step up and lead a team anyway. He seems like an oversized kid.

  • Nuggets need to make this trade for Bynum

  • Nobody’s going to take damaged goods. He’ll probably never play again. Maybe someone will be available in free agency for the Sixers. As with every Philly team, its wait til next year.

  • LOL the nuggets dont NEED him or want him. George already has a talented 7′ who is paid 10+ million a year and brings him off the bench. The problem with the nuggets despite their road heavy start to the season is the coach. He has no sense in rotations for the best Nuggets squad. Start McGee as he is superior to everything Koufos does and then some.

    We need to make another trade. Trade our depth that GEORGE doesnt use anyway for a difference maker. Gallo, Faried, Chandler, 2013 1st rd pick for a difference maker at the 4 spot.

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