Al Harrington calls last season with Orlando Magic a ‘nightmare’

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It wasn’t much of a secret last season that after losing Dwight Howard, the Orlando Magic were going to be in full-blown rebuilding mode. Their days of being contenders for a Finals spot, or even a playoff position went with Howard to Los Angeles, and though the team made strides toward improvement, with impressive showings from promising young players like Nik Vucevic. Despite those positive signs, the team still finished with a league-worst 20-62 record.

While many of us expected this to be the case, now former Magic member Al Harrington, who arrived via the aforementioned Howard trade, called last season with the team a ‘nightmare’. Harrington, who only played 10 games for the Magic last season, had some more interesting things to say about the teams philosophy last season.

This is what he told Michael Lee of the Washington Post:

“For me, last year was just a nightmare, from start to finish,” Harrington said. “The Orlando thing with, I think they brought me there never expecting me to play, but then I got healthy and it was kind of a surprise for them. It was tough, but I understood that was the business and they had to do it for whatever there reasons was. Winning wasn’t on they agenda and that wasn’t nothing I wanted to be a part of at my age.

Harrington was very candid in his interview with Lee, also promising a playoff appearance for his projected new team, the Washington Wizards. The quotes, while harsh, should come as little surprise. There are two things in the NBA, and all sports for that matter, that don’t mix well under any circumstances: veterans and rebuilding. Harrington has made more money in his career than he probably knows how to spend, and has accumulated many personal accolades. Like many veterans, he simply wants to win now, and that wasn’t happening in Orlando.

However, while the Wizards are undoubtedly better than the Magic, they’re not exactly knocking on the door of a championship either…

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