Andre Iguodala Says Warriors Can Win More Than 50 Games; Also Says He’s Undervalued

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Image from the AP (Associated Press)

Image from the AP (Associated Press)

Many are abuzz about the Golden State Warriors and the tremendous amount of potential that they have to maybe even come out of the Western Conference this season. Andre Iguodala, who signed a four-year, $48M deal with the Warriors this summer thinks the Warriors will be really good this season. When asked if the Warriors could win 50 games, Iguodala replied:

“I would say more than that. I just have really high expectations for us. I won’t say too much about wins. I’d rather fly under the radar.”

It’s funny he mentions flying under the radar, because later in that same interview with the Associated Press, Iguodala mentions how he is underrated and undervalued:

“I don’t think I got enough credit for what I bring to certain teams, especially last year with the record that we had, breaking the franchise record for wins and how we kind of kept everything together and pulled off a great season. Just really continue to build with this team as well. Not just for one year but do it for multiple years, keep making runs at everyone’s ultimate goal, which is a championship.”

The main take away from this interview with Iguodala is that he thinks the Warriors can be really good, he hopes they can fly under the radar, and that he is tired of flying under the radar as an individual. It’s certainly an interesting message!!!

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