Andrew Bogut On The Warriors’ Title Prospects: “We’re Close, But We’re Not There Yet”

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Following the Golden State Warriors’ loss to the Indiana Pacers on Monday, Andrew Bogut used the game to assess where he felt the Warriors stood in relation to the league’s elite teams.

Via Carl Steward of the San Jose Mercury News:

“(The Pacers) are a team built for a championship, you can see that,” Andrew Bogut said. “We’re close, but we’re not there yet. Our start was dismal, and then I thought the next three quarters we competed a little better and played our style of basketball. But the first quarter cost us.”

I admire Bogut for his honesty, and I also think he happens to be right. The Warriors are a terrifically talented team, building a championship team the right way. The have all the pieces to contend. They have a great scoring/shooting back court in Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, they have a great scoring presence inside with David Lee, and also defense coming from Andrew Bogut in the paint and Andre Iguodala on the perimeter. But are we ready to say that they are ahead of the likes of San Antonio and a healthy Oklahoma City team? I don’t know if they are that good.

But with that being said, the Warriors certainly are putting themselves in a good position to contend judging by the pieces that they do have. Outside of maybe having more scoring off of the bench, the only thing the Warriors really need is just more experience in high pressure games, and I think that’s what Bogut is eluding to. When he says the Warriors “aren’t there yet”, I think he’s really saying that they just don’t have enough big games under their belt. The Indiana Pacers coming into Oracle Arena with the #1 record in the NBA is certainly a big game for the Warriors and they didn’t deliver. Bogut is probably right that if they were a championship ready team, they would have won that game and sent the Pacers and the rest of the league a message that they are ready to win a title.

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