Andrew Bynum Is Likely Done In Cleveland, But He Still Appears To Have A Future In The NBA

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It would make sense that after Andrew Bynum’s latest fiasco and suspension from the Cavaliers, he would have no future in the NBA. But if there’s anything that the world of professional sports teaches us, it is that things don’t always make sense, especially when you are dealing with guys over 7 feet tall. Reports have surfaced that should the Cavaliers go on to release Andrew Bynum, the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, and Los Angeles Clippers all might be interested in Andrew Bynum’s services.  Due to a shortage of true centers in the NBA, Red Auerbach’s old saying “You can’t teach height”  appears to resonate in the minds of general managers across the NBA, with many of them willing to take a gamble on a guy like Andrew Bynum despite the baggage he  could bring to their locker room. It is no telling how many more chances Andrew Bynum is going to get, but it certainly seems as though he isn’t close to being exiled from all 30 teams in the NBA.

—By Ben Parker: follow me on twitter @nba_lord 

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