Andrew Bynum gets a haircut, lets us know he’ll be commanding double-teams

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Andrew Bynum says he’ll command double-teams

Andrew Bynum may not be on the annoying scale of say, Dwight Howard, but he isn’t that far behind either. After being dealt to the Philadelphia 76ers last season, many thought the 76ers could be a sneaky contender in the Eastern Conference. Well, long story short, Bynum didn’t see a second on the hardwood and the 76ers lost a ton of games.

After giving the 76ers nothing but headaches, Philadelphia chose to rid themselves of Andrew Bynum and his shaky knees. That’s when the Cleveland Cavaliers jumped in and signed the 7-footer.

Now, a fresh-cut Andrew Bynum, also has a fresh outlook on his future as a member of the Cavaliers. Bynum said his knees have progressed enough that he guarantees that he’ll not only play this year, but he’ll also command double teams on the block.

Via Fox Sports Ohio:

Cavs general manager Chris Grant strongly he hinted he hopes, maybe expects, that it will be “soon.” Bynum himself flat-out stated the same.

He also flat-out stated he will “definitely” play for the Cavs in 2013-14.

And he predicts good things will happen once he does.

“And when I’m back, commanding double-teams on the block … we’re pretty potent.”

Nobody questions Bynum’s talent or potential, but claiming you’ll be “commanding double-teams on the block” is a bit delusional seeing that he hasn’t seen the floor in over a year. Lets string together a few games before me make bold proclamations, Andrew.


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