Andrew Wiggins: ‘I want to play for the Raptors’

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There has been a growing belief around the NBA that Andrew Wiggins, who will attend the University of Kansas next season, will be the next great thing in this league, and is the favorite to be the first pick in the 2014 draft. There have even been slogans across social media (#RigginforWiggins) that teams are tanking this season just for the chance to draft the presumed once in a lifetime talent.

Wiggins, a Canadian native, was asked in an interview who he would like to play for if the NBA Draft was tomorrow. Wiggins promptly went with the only Canadian team in the league, the Toronto Raptors.

Here are the details from Sportsnet.ca:

After being presented with the award for being the U.S. prep athlete of the year, the Vaughan, Ont., native was asked, “if the NBA draft was tomorrow, which team would you say is the best fit for you?”

“I would like to say the Raptors because I want to play for them,” was his response.

This HAS to be the first time someone actually wanted to play for the Raptors, and it would be incredible if it came to fruition. Wiggins going to Toronto would be much like when Lebron James went to his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, and Wiggins would be treated like royalty throughout the country. In addition, it is also a welcomed sign that Wiggins is so willing to take on the pressure that would come from playing in his hometown.

One thing is for sure, Wiggins is widely believed to be the best prospect since James, and the team that is fortunate enough to have the first pick next year may have a cornerstone for the next decade of their franchise.

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2 Responses to Andrew Wiggins: ‘I want to play for the Raptors’

  • This isn’t the first time someone wanted to be drafted by the Raptors. Actually, Kevin Durant wanted to play for the Raptors before being drafted by Seattle. He looked up to Vince Carter back in the day.

  • As much as I’d like to see that happen as a Toronto man myself, the home town pressures would be to much for him. The friends and family hit ups, the pizza joint owner that ran you off when you were a kid, now going back and being a millionaire 5ox over?

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