Antoine Walker Forced To Sell NBA Championship Ring

  • Jason Whitney

In yet another case where a million dollar athlete goes from fame to lame, Walker was forced to sell his 2006 NBA Championship ring.

Walker, who at one point made over $108 million in just his NBA salary, now owes $12.7 million in debt. It isn’t looking any better for the former all star as his D-League stint isn’t going so well either.

According to court docs, Walker had to liquidate his property to pay back his creditors … including his ring. Now TMZ has learned, the ring has been tentatively sold to a guy named Andres Garcia for a cool $21,500.

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13 Responses to Antoine Walker Forced To Sell NBA Championship Ring

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  • Anyone who can blow $108 million + deserves no sympathy in my book. What an idiot.

  • Wish I could help? U should never have to sell or lease your championship! That’s what we strive for. U were quite a player! God bless u and your family.

  • No sympathy for these guys, none at all, hopefully young players in the league or about to be in the league take notice and realize the importance of education and common sense.One year of college means nothing if you don’t know where your money goes and who it’s being handled by.These guys get all that money and just become reckless. Look at Walker now! No groupies, No Bling Bling! No autograph requests! And soon No game. SMH!!!!

  • How can it come to this? Somebody should have stopped the bleeding long before it came to that. Should have been more people that really cared around him and less negative influences. This is terrible for him. Now is the time he should turn to God. He takes care of fools and old folks.

  • Antoine is an invetrerate gambler and that is the main reason why he is broke. There should be some lifeline in all professional sports for these athletes with gambling and drug problems etc.

  • I agree I dont have sympathy, but I do have empathy now is the time for Antoine to look at his past and plan his own future whats done is done learn from his own mistakes get rid of the ‘YES MEN’ in his life put your big boy panties on and pull it together not saying its easy but take responsibilty for himself.

  • I don’t understand how these guys don’t set themselves up for life when they first get the money. I can see an idiot blowing the “fun money” or the bulk of your savings at worst, but not having at least set yourself up to have a place to live with basic food and bills paid for? Good lord. He doesn’t have a penny to his name it seems? I can’t imagine what he must say to himself every day. WTF comes to mind.

  • I once knew a guy who sold a $20 belt buckle polished agate stone cabochon to one of these birds for #10,000. What an easy mark.

  • I have ABSOLUTELY NO sympathy for these guys who are blessed with doing something they love and getting paid for it and F*&CKING it up! All these starving, homeless people in the world and he out here burning up millions of dollars! Where they do dat at??? IDIOT!!!!

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