Are The Nets Wise To Hire Jason Kidd As Their Head Coach?

  • Ben Parker

After announcing his retirement from playing in the NBA a couple of weeks ago, Jason Kidd has already found work as the new head coach of the Brooklyn Nets according to ESPN.com. Kidd has vaulted the likes of Brian Shaw, Lionel Hollins, George Karl, and other guys who have great track records as head coaches or as assistants. The Nets have one of the more star-studded line ups in the NBA with Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, and Brook Lopez. The Nets are not intended to be a team that makes the playoffs every year, but rather a team that is supposed to contend for championships and give the Miami Heat a serious run. With that in mind, is hiring a rookie coach like Jason Kidd really that smart of an idea? Kidd has no head coaching experience nor does he have any assistant coaching experience. His whole experience in the NBA has been as a player and nothing else. I understand that point guards often make the best coaches and are of the smartest of basketball players, but  even with that in mind, this hire is still a very risky hire. The Nets would likely be a lot better off hiring a guy like George Karl or Lionel Hollins to help lead this team instead of a guy who has utterly no coaching experience at all.

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