Better fit for the Lakers?: Michael Beasley vs. Ramon Sessions

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In this particular versus article I will be using a slightly different approach. With the Los Angeles Lakers season in question and a decent-to-large trade likely coming. Which player makes more sense for the Lakers?

Michael Beasley or Ramon Sessions?

I’d like to start by saying that both players have a lot of talent and both can offer an instant upgrade to the Lakers at their respective positions. But, both players offer the Lakers VERY different things.

There is a chance that LA can nail down both of these guys by the March 15th NBA trade deadline, but odds are, they’ll only net one of them.

Michael Beasley will easily beat-out Metta World Peace and Matt Barnes on the offensive end of the court. His defense is suspect, as is his decision making, but his shooting ability and his overall offensive game trumps that of both Metta and Barnes. Plus playing with Kobe generally demands certain things from young players and I’d expect to see a spike in defensive production if paired with the Mamba.

On the other hand, Ramon Sessions can score the ball from various spots on the court and provide the Lakers with something they haven’t had in ages… A point guard who actually plays the point guard position. Let’s be honest, I like Derek Fisher, we all do. He’s a stand-up guy and one of the most clutch players to ever smell the playoffs. But, the dude is an undersized shooting guard with above average ball-handling and below average speed and passing abilities.

With Sessions manning the point, Los Angeles would get a scoring point guard with some speed and quickness to his game. Sessions is by no means your Steve Nash type of distributing point guard, but he can use his quickness and finishing ability to slice through a defense and either produce with layups or kick it out. These are both things that Derek Fisher can NOT do. This would also allow Fisher to come off of the bench and supply a bit of offense and experience.

As far as filling the bigger need goes. AdvantageRamon Sessions

Now we’ll take a look at talent. While sessions is a talented, he’s never really wowed anyone enough to get more that 25 or 26 minutes a game. That alone is a red flag in my book. Sessions averages 10.3 ppg, 5.3 apg and 3.3 rpg this season. I get why he doesn’t start over Kyrie Irving. We’ve all seen what the rookie can do, and I can’t blame Byron Scott for that decision.

Micheal Beasley had evolved into a pretty nice player last season in Minnesota, after nearly being labeled a bust in Miami. Beasley blew up last season, averaging better than 19 ppg. He has since seen his minutes and use in the Timberwolves cut and has dropped to a touch over 12 ppg as a result. Another key reason Beasley is getting the cold shoulder from the Timberwolves is because they drafted Derrick Williams #2 overall in the 2011 draft.

With Beasley’s minutes down to 25 per game from 32 per game last season and Minnesota’s need to get quality minutes from their high draft pick (Williams), I just don’t see a way that the Timberwolves can continue to justify keeping Beasley on the bench. It’s time to ship him elsewhere.

The same thing can be said about Ramon Sessions. Use him or trade him!

More talent. Advantage Michael Beasley

I also feel like given the production we saw from Beasley last season when he played 32 minutes per game and the pure force he used to dominate at the collegiate level, that he also has far more upside that Ramon Sessions. But since Sessions has never managed to log more than 27.5 mpg, I almost feel like this would be a loaded argument in which the numbers favor Beasley.

Now let’s talk about the all-might dollar.

Ramon Sessions makes $4,257,973 this year and is due to make just a touch more at $4,551,626 next season. At the end of which he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

Michael Beasley makes $6,262,347 this year and has a player option for next season which would net him over $8 Million.

Advantage- Ramon Sessions

Overall, I like Michael Beasley WAY more than Ramon Sessions. I fell like in the right situation, Beasley could thrive as a team’s second option. But, if it’s between a 19th small forward and a solid, starting point guard. The Lakers have to take the point guard. The price of Sessions is better and the need is greater.

Winner- Ramon Sessions




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