Bill Laimbeer says LeBron May Have Been the Best Even In His Era

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Bill Laimbeer played in the NBA when it was considerably more physical than it is today. He knows what it means to witness greatness as well. Laimbeer played at a time when Michael Jordan was rising to stardom and played against the likes of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. He also led the “Bad Boys” of Detroit to back to back national championships in the 80’s.



There are countless arguments that the NBA has gone “soft” since the time when the “Bad Boys” ruled the NBA , and many say the players of today would not succeed in the NBA. Laimbeer has a different opinion about a particular player of this era however. Laimbeer says that if LeBron was to be inserted into his era, he could succeed. “There was no one physically like him in our time slot.” This is probably true. Lebron is 6 foot 9, 240 pound athlete who can run the floor. Why wouldn’t he be as successful if not more in a more physical league? Laimbeer also praised James’ toughness calling him “mentally and physically strong.”

Laimbeer was also asked what he thought about the Heat’s chances for a three-peat. Laimbeer won back to back titles with the Pistons, and knows the effort it takes to win multiple times. He said he was unsure if the team could do it. “Someone’s gonna step up and get lucky and beat them, I think” He says most times other teams get “tired of them winning.”

LeBron James is an incredible athlete, and there is no doubt that he would have been able to succeed at any time in the NBA with the way he is playing now. There will always be conversations about “then vs now” and many fans will say they miss the old style of play. Whichever era, there will be athletes who are remembered for being great at what they do, no doubt Lebron James will be one of those athletes.

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