Blazers, Suns Poke Fun At Eastern Conference

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Though this is a league of parity, the difference in talent between the Eastern and Western conferences this year is large and undeniable. The Eastern conference currently only has two teams with a winning record. Teams that aren’t even playoff caliber in the West would likely fight for a 4th seed in the East, and fans and analysts alike have taken notice.

You can add teams from the West to the group of people mocking how weak the East is, as the Phoenix Suns joined the Portland Trail Blazers on Twitter in poking fun at the lesser conference.

The Phoenix Suns would be tied for third in the Eastern Conference, but sit at 12th currently with a 9-9 record in the West. While the exchange was hilarious, the fact that the Eastern conference has become the joke of the NBA is a sad state of affairs. The teams in the East need to get their act together quickly, or we may be seeing the worst conference in NBA history.

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