BLOCKBUSTER: Celtics, Clippers talking about “huge deal”

  • Jason Whitney
Could Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett be headed to Los Angeles?

The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers are no stranger to most sports blogs’ rumor mill section. We’ve seen plenty of trade scenarios tossed around over the past year involving Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo for the Celtics. The Clippers have been said to be intrigued with bringing Kevin Garnett to Los Angeles in an attempt to make a run now at an NBA championship even if that means mortgaging their future.

What’s this all mean?

Stephen A. Smith has learned that things are being talked about and “scenarios contemplated” between the two teams. Before First Take this morning, Smith tweeted that he had news regarding what the Clippers are up to.



The proposal Stephen A. Smith talked about would involve Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce being sent to the Clippers in exchange for Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler. Doc Rivers would then sign on to coach the Clippers pairing the Celtics trio with Chris Paul.

After Smith dropped this bombshell rumor, he jumped back on Twitter to suggest that this is just a rumor and things are being discussed.

Am I the only one that thinks that this move still wouldn’t get the Clippers into the NBA Finals?




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14 Responses to BLOCKBUSTER: Celtics, Clippers talking about “huge deal”

  • hepls celtics immensely, only helps clippers at coaching positon, who says they need that?

  • haha Stephen A. is really desperate if he’s just throwing out nonsense now. I don’t think the Clippers would trade just Blake for Garnett and Pierce, considering their age and Griffin’s moneymaking potential.

  • blake griffin lost all team respect by not playing last weekend. Clips will do anything to keep CP3 in LA. good deal for Celtics

  • Celtics won’t give Rivers to the Clippers.

  • I dont feel they would win the title with garnett and pierce and it would only be for coupls years at best with the aging garnett and pierce… to trade away the much younger griffin and co is a bad move in my opinion rivers would defiantly help but player wise i dont think it brings the clips to a championship win

  • Clips just had best season ever, why blow team up, I don’t see it.
    Keep building. TheWest is loaded with good teams, gotta keep plugging away.

  • Winner = Celtics – KG is 36 and Pierce is 35. In basketball years, that’s close to ‘over the hill’. And what’s Blake Griffin? 23? 24?? Do the math!

  • Laughable trade speculation. Figures Celtic fans would believe this is real. No way Blake would be included. He had a moderate high ankle sprain and didn’t just not show up. Celts can have Butler DJ for nothing. Those two killed the Clips in playoff’s. Clips would have no PF and no front court depth. Wishful thinking Smth

  • Griffin is terribly overrated….He has been since college. If he can’t shove off with his non-shooting hand and dunk with the other (or two hands) – he can’t play.

    He can’t dribble, shoot, pass, shoot free throws, jumpshots….terrible hands. And last week, when he went against far better athletes, he “hurt” himself in practice.

    (Amazing the limp just came and went)….

    Age isn’t everything…..I would take 1/2 of a Kevin Garnett over a Blake Griffin any day.

  • what Kevin can’t do as well – is FLOP!

    But Blake doesn’t do that very well, either. You’d think with all of his acting, he would know how to flop better….

  • come and get real – why would you trade three young players (one a superstar and one big) for two aging (over the hill/) Celtics. makes no sense at all.

  • Even Donald is not that stupid. LOL No team would give up a budding superstar for two players that Boston wants to shed. Could I see one or the other coming to the clippers? Yes, but for draft choices or maybe even another young player (other than Blake). Quiet as it is kept, my rumor mill has Dwight Howard staying in Los Angeles, only not playing for the Lakers. Hope that brightens up you clipper fans.

  • Your rumor mill is dead wrong! How do you suppose the Clips would/could even afford D12! That’s as silly as this trade which won’t happen.

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