Boris Diaw Behind the Back Pass

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A Boris Diaw behind the back pass is exactly what the NBA Finals should be about. Wait, what? Well, in my eyes it might as well be.

Despite the fact that he was cut by one of the worst teams in NBA history just a few seasons ago, Diaw has been great for the San Antonio Spurs. His versatility makes him a key weapon for Gregg Popovich, as he is a unique combination of size and skill. Watching him pass is a beautiful thing.

You can see a vintage Boris Diaw behind the back pass during Game Four below:

Boris Diaw is on my list of players that I never want to retire; right up there with Nick Young. It’s a tough decision between the two, but if Boris keeps making plays like this in the NBA Finals, I might have no choice other than to move Swaggy P to number two on the list. With every Boris Diaw behind the back pass, he inches up just a little closer to Swaggy P.

Diaw is the perfect example of a Spurs player. While he may not have been considered anything special on some of his past teams, he does a whole bunch of things to make him a solid contributor for the Spurs. He was very good on the “Seven Seconds or Less” Phoenix Suns, but he seemed to be pretty much washed up by the time he was cut with the Bobcats.

We’ve seen him guard LeBron, and do an admirable job, despite his clear lack of foot speed. Nothing about his frame suggests athlete, but the guy just knows how to play basketball.

If the Heat don’t get their act together soon, this series may be over before they know it.


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