Bradley Beal says he’d ‘lose a little respect’ if teammate acted like Derrick Rose

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It seems at times, and some may say most of the time, the media over-hypes stories, and the Derrick Rose “should he have played or not play?” has seemingly been one of those stories. However, when it reaches to the point where other NBA players are talking about Rose’s decision, there may be some smoke near this fire. Washington Wizards rookie Bradley Beal, when he is not being the face for underage drinking, said in an interview on a radio show that he’d ‘lose a little respect’ for a teammate if they acted like Derrick Rose did this past season.

Obviously, rookies are more prone to fall for this trick than guys that have dealt with the media consistently, but it makes you wonder how many players in the league share Beal’s thoughts, and just aren’t saying anything. Rose’s teammate Joakim Noah made it abundantly clear he is not one of those guys, but it seems pretty evident that the Rose decision had reached locker rooms, and it is something guys discussed.

To me, I don’t think you can ever be in another person’s mind. If Rose feels like he wasn’t ready, then he wasn’t ready. Plus, playing without confidence in your physical abilities make you more prone to injuries, and Rose is simply too young and talented to take that risk. On the other hand, I do understand the flip-side of the argument, especially when Rose referenced muscle-memory as his reasoning for not trying to play. One could argue that the only way to re-gain muscle-memory is to go out and play.

It is all a moot point now, as the Bulls season is over, but it seems possible that Rose’s reputation throughout the league, may have taken a hit with his peers if Beal is not in the minority with his remarks. While this may not seem like a huge deal, it could potentially influence free agents wanting to play in Chicago with Rose in the future if they think the star of the team is “soft.”

By: Frank Santos

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