Brandon Jennings not interested in returning to Bucks next season

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Brandon Jennings has reached that always awkward position for any NBA player, the world of restricted free agency. For those who aren’t aware, after their rookie contracts expire, players become free agents… with one catch; their current team can match any offer made to the player by another team.

Even though the Bucks have that aforementioned option of retaining Jennings no matter the contract he’s offered on the market, they still tried to make a play for Atlanta Hawks restricted free agent point guard Jeff Teague, which was quickly matched by the Hawks.

This move by the Bucks, along with their already questionable relationship with Jennings has prompted reports that the star point guard is not interested in returning to Milwaukee next year.

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But now comes another report that Jennings does not want to return to the Bucks comes via Sean Deveney of the Sporting News.

“According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Jennings does not want to go back to play for the Bucks next season.”

The Bucks are reportedly looking at potential sign-and-trade offers for Jennings, with Gery Woelfel of the Journal Times saying there are rumors of a talk with the Pistons (who have Brandon Knight at the point but might consider Jennings an upgrade).

Unfortunately for Jennings, much of the free agency money has already been spent, and his market doesn’t seem to be what he was hoping for when the off-season began. It will likely be up to the Bucks to determine Jennings’ fate, as any offer he may get at this point could be easily matched, and would be well within market value for a player of his caliber. However, given the quality of the 2014 NBA draft, it may be wise to deal Jennings for quality picks and a young player, as Milwaukee is nowhere near contending, even with Jennings on board.

For the Detroit Pistons, acquiring Jennings would be a wise move. The Pistons have been aggressive in improving their roster this off-season, specifically with the signing of Josh Smith (which I am not personally a fan of, but shows a commitment to winning.) I think it’s a fair assessment to call Brandon Knight behind schedule in terms of his progress as a player, especially as a distributing point guard, and it may be time to cut ties.

That being said, unless the Pistons or another team make a very generous offer to the Bucks, I see them sticking with Jennings, no matter the price they have to match, and possibly consider trading him down the road.

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